Tutoring for your dog!

Our trainers will “drop in” and provide a 30 min lesson for your dog. This service is for our clients who may be short on time and still want their dog to progress in training. Like a tutor coming by to help with homework, we will provide a lesson that is based on your dog’s current training protocol and level. You can book for this service online Price $50 or purchase a pack of tutor lessons in 5 or 10 increments 5 30 min lessons @ $225 or 10 30 min lessons @ $450 .

day training: AT OUR FACILITY in Evergreen, co

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A lesson a day: Training while you’re at work

A Certified Friends for Life Trainer will come by, pick up and transport your dog to our amazing training facility located in Evergreen, CO there our trainer will work with you pup for an hour on basic obedience, advanced obedience, manners, games and mild behavioral modification, providing a one hour training lesson. We will then transport your pup home safe, tired and a little smarter then when they left.

Price per dog : $75/hr

Base price : 2 weeks (5 Days a week = 10 lessons) $700

Intensive training such as this can yield reliable, fast results! The reason being your dog will not be under the stress of a traditional Board N Train situation where he is locked in a crate or house with several stranger dogs. He will be at home where he can relax both before and after his training lesson. This is imperative because the more stress there is the harder it is for your dog to be in a learning state of mind. We will then provide your family with one on one lessons or access to group classes so you can learn what your dog has been taught. Each 2 week Day Training Package comes with 2 one hour private in home lessons or a coupon to join one of our 6 week group obedience classes.

In Home Pet Sitting


One of our qualified Friends for Life pet sitters will provide care and companionship for your pets in your home. This service includes all care, feeding, and play for your family pets. Along with mail pick up, light cleaning, and plant watering while you are away. There are two options: 12 hour and 18 hour care.

The 12 hour care option- Our caretaker will will be at your home by 7 pm and stay until 7 am, provide meals, medications (if needed) and companionship for your pets along with light housekeeping, plant watering and mail pickup.

The 18 hour care option- Our Caretaker will be at your home by 5 pm and stay until 11 am , provide meals, medications (if needed), light housekeeping, mail pick up, plant watering, companionship and One 30 min walk for up to 2 dogs.

12 hour care $85/day for 2 pets additional pet fees $8/ Dog, $5/Cat

18 hour care $100/day for 2 pets additional pet fees $8/ Dog, $5/Cat

Additional Walks $20 / 30 min per dog

Add On Training $50/ 30 min per dog