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Our Philosophy

Friends for life;Holistic Pet Training

Modern Positive Motivation Training Techniques

Techniques that are science based, and endorsed by the HSUS, AVMA and AVSAB.

Our dog training style encompasses kindness, understanding and science of behavioral learning of our canine companions. We teach humans how to understand, communicate with and teach their pets. We do not use or advocate the use of methods or tools that are designed to force, frighten, or cause pain to train your pet. #NoShock #NoChoke #NoProng 

 Our Trainer/Counselors specialize in positive dog training and work with all breeds, ages and temperaments. We can help with proper socialization, obedience, potty training, off leash work, aggression, leash reactive, separation anxiety, and of course basic commands such as: Heel, Sit, Stay, Down and Come!

We Strive to help you achieve your goals with your pet with a special understanding of dogs in the home environment.

Friends for Life trainers respect the unique relationship that dogs provide as family members. Our goal is to keep dogs in their homes and provide caring, personalized training for each unique situation. 

Helping you and your pet become Friends for Life!

We serve the Colorado Front Range

1-70 to the 285 corridor: 

morrison, Conifer, Pine Junction, Bailey, Turkey Creek, Evergreen, Kittredge, Indian Hills, Gennesee, Golden, Ken Caryl, Littleton, and lakewood.



Private in home Dog training in Colorado

We offer private in-home dog training to residents of Evergreen, Kittredge, Conifer, Littleton, Morrison, Bailey, Ken Caryl, & Golden. Private in-home dog training is a great way to focus on the individual needs of your dog. We don't just train your dog, we teach you how to train your dog using positive, force free methods. 


"Friends for Life" training Package

The Friends for Life training package is training and support for living with your dog! Our goal is to help you and your dog become friends for life!

This amazing package includes 16 private in home sessions each an hour long. These lessons will cover basic manners, obedience and basic problem solving.

After those 16 educating lessons we will continue to be available for virtual support via phone, internet (including Skype) and if that isn't enough we will schedule a private lesson and come "fix" issues in person!*
WOW! Who does that? We DO! Because we believe in our methods! Force Free training is the Here and Now of dog training, we continue to educate ourselves with the newest methods and pass that knowledge on to our clients. Schedule your FREE
*** consultation and let's start Training! 

This package includes our Dog Training Equipment Bundle : 8Ft. Nylon Rope Leash, 15Ft. Nylon Rope Leash, Freedom No Pull Harness, Treat Pouch, Clicker and 4BG SD Card with Lessons and Articles.

$1800/16 Sessions and Virtual Training Support** and Dog Training Equipment bundle

Please see below for more information.

*Additional Fee

** Up to 5 years after the 16 lessons are used

***Consultations are Free with purchase of a training package

Need help paying for lessons?

We accept payment plans through PayPal, please ask us for details.


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Our Pet Trainers are awesome! They helped us cultivate obedience through fostering trust and connection with our pet.
— Arris Moon

Puppy Training

Wee Puppy Starter Lessons - Age Puppies 10 weeks to 4 mo. ( 3 Half Hour Private Lessons ) Price- $225

We will help you start your puppy in the right direction, this package covers all in home lessons:

-House Breaking, Toy Play, Introduction to leash and harness, Puppy Push-ups (Sit, Down, Stand), “Place” Cue

Puppy Toddler Package - Puppies ages 4mo- 6mo. ( 4 One Hour Private Lessons ) Price- $500

Time to introduce the world to your toddler… this package covers lessons in the wide open world:

- “Looking for men with hats and Beards” (greeting new strangers) , Loose Leash Walking (with distractions), Recall (Coming when called) in open fenced area, along with Sit, Down, and Place in distracting environments.

Your Teenage Puppy - Puppies ages 6mo-1 year ( 6 One Hour Sessions ) Price- $750

Your teenage puppy is ready for the world, or at least they will be after completing this training package…. this package includes:

- Loose Leash Walking, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Toy Play, Dog to Dog introductions, Dog To Human Introductions, and Manners

Ultimate Puppy Training All in One Price:

Includes all Puppy Training Packages, and our Dog Training Equipment Bundle - Price $1300 ($175/discount)

Need help paying for lessons? We accept payment plans through PayPal, please ask us for details.

Adult Dog Obedience

YOung Adult - Dog ages 1yr-2 1/2 ( 4 one hour sessions ) Price- $500

  • Package includes: Introduction to the 5 basic Cues- Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Come

  • Focus with distractions

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • 2 field trips

Adult Dog Obedience - Dog Ages 2 1/2 and Older (6 One Hour sessions ) Price- $750

  • All Basic Cues

  • Loose Leash Walking with distractions

  • Stay with distractions

  • Meet and Greet with strangers

  • 4 field trips

  • Basic Behavior Modification: Jumping on guests, digging, nuisance barking, counter surfing, chewing.

Advanced Adult dog obedience - must complete “ADULT dog Obedience” prior to purchasing this package

( 6 one hour lessons ) Price - $750

  • Refresher lessons for basic cues

  • Introduction to Off Leash Heel

  • Introduction to Off Leash Recall

  • Proofing all basic cues in new environments

  • 4 field trips

Friends for life Training Package:

Includes: all the above obedience packages, Virtual training support, and our dog training equipment bundle for $1800 ($200/discount)

Need help paying for lessons? We accept payment plans through PayPal, please ask us for details.

Al La Carte

  • Loose Leash Walking : 2 one hour private lessons $250

  • Recall (Come when called) : 3 one hour private lessons $375

  • Stay ( at the threshold -front door) : 1 hour and a half lesson $175

  • Potty Training/Housebreaking : 1 hour Lesson $150

  • Training Equipment Bundle : Freedom No Pull Harness, 8 ft. Nylon Rope Leash, 15 ft. Nylon Rope Leash, Treat Pouch, Clicker and 4Gb SD Card with Lessons and Articles : Price $ 120

  • Behavior Evaluation : 1 1/2 hour $250 Additional Hours to be billed at $150/hr.

Click Link to Purchase Gift Cards!  


Training in real parks and local businesses provides unique situations for distractions. Dogs with reactive behaviors, leash pulling, and aggression will have the opportunity to use new skills with the watchful, support of our trainers.

Training in real parks and local businesses provides unique situations for distractions. Dogs with reactive behaviors, leash pulling, and aggression will have the opportunity to use new skills with the watchful, support of our trainers.

Natalie & Jenn are magic and we have learned SO much from them.

Investing in their ‘Lifetime’ training package has been easily worth 3x as much as we paid for it.

Here is the deal. We learned the hard way that a lot of trainers call themselves ‘positive’, but are anything but.

After a different ‘positive’ trainer choked, pinched, and then shoved our 9lb puppy onto concrete because he was playing tug of war with his leash, we understood that there is a big difference between a truly force free dog trainer and one who uses ‘positive’ as a marketing buzzword.

Following that experience I called Natalie to come meet our puppy, and we knew within 10 minutes that we wanted to work with her. Group lessons are great, but if you want the full experience, private lessons are the way to go.

They came to our home and spent an hour each time helping us with calmness, loose leash walking, staying on a mat, table manners, door dashing, dog and human greetings, recall/come, and a positive relationship with our dog. This is on top of the basics of sit-stay-down-stand, which they also teach. They have endless knowledge and the ability to thoughtfully address biting, over arousal, pulling, guarding, reactivity, aggression, fear, barking, boredom, stealing, anxiety, etc. which they weave beautifully into training sessions that are tailored for each individual dog.

They want your dog to be a dog, and they want your dog to really, truly enjoy life!

Training sessions are fun, and there is no force or pain or fear involved. Our dog LOVES them both, and they are so awesome to hang out with. Natalie and Jenn are laid back, humorous, helpful, and full of experience and knowledge!

What Natalie and Jenn have taught us has easily applied to other aspects of training; simply put, they teach you. . .not just your dog. I cannot say enough awesome things about them.
— Chris L. Littleton, CO

Friends for life; holistic pet training and educational center

We are offering several class option at our new Center in Evergreen, Colorado!!

location: 30596 BRYANT DR, EVERGREEN, CO 80439

Puppy 1- Puppy 1 is for puppies 8 weeks to 14 weeks of age. This class will provide off leash play and introduction to foundation cues such as Sit, Down, Stand and Place we will introduce walking on leash and name recognition. In addition to information on mouthing, outdoor potty training , and proper play with toys.

This class is 4 half hour sessions $85/per puppy

PUPPY 2 - With 4 full one hour classes your puppy (ages 14 weeks 18 weeks) to will socialize with other puppies their age, will be introduced to foundation obedience cues like Sit, Down, Stand, Place, Come and walking on a loose leash. Other information provided will be House breaking, Toy play, nail trims, jumping and mouthing.

This class is 4 one hour sessions $170/per puppy

Your teenage dog class - This fun and educational group class for young dogs (ages 6 mo to 9 mo) will help you with your Teenage dog. Along with a foundation in basic cues like Sit, Down, Stand, Stay, Place, Leave it, Come when called, Heel on leash. You dog will have positive social experiences with other people, dogs and free play in class.

This class is 5 one hour session $200/per dog

Young Adult dog class - Your young adult dog (ages 9 mo - 1 year) has many needs and is going through a lot of changes both physically and mentally. This class will cover basic cues of Sit, Down, Stand, Stay , Heel on a loose leash, Proper manners with other dogs and people. Also we will discuss the problem behaviors that may arise at this age such as chewing, digging and excessive barking.

This class is 5 one hour sessions $200/per dog

Adult dog obedience class - Adult Dog Obedience is for all dogs (ages 1 year and up) who need to learn their obedience cues. This class will focus on reliable and clean responses to all basic on leash cues such as Sit, Down, Stand, Come, Heel & Stay.

This class is 8 one hour sessions $260/per dog

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Home of friends for life; holistic pet training & the positive/force free trainers guild


Our Group Puppy and Dog Obedience Classes are held at Evergreen Park and Recreation Wulf Center near downtown Evergreen Colorado.

Our Group Puppy and Dog Obedience Classes are held at Evergreen Park and Recreation Wulf Center near downtown Evergreen Colorado.

Positive Group Puppy & Dog Obedience Training Classes at evergreen Park and recreation

We offer positive group puppy & group dog obedience training classes at the Evergreen Park & Recreation center in Evergreen, CO.

We never advocate for the use of force, and want to show you how to train your new dog using fun, relationship building exercises that your dog will love!

See below for specific information on puppy classes and basic obedience for older dogs.  Classes are 6 One hour sessions $165/DR

Click here for information on behavior modification for dogs who need help with aggression, barking, pulling, and fear. 


Call Kendra Lind, recreation supervisor with Evergreen Parks and Recreation at 720-880-1226
We are also happy to answer your questions about group training classes, socialization, and positive dog training in Evergreen, CO. 

Fun games and calming exercises help teach impulse control to a growing puppy. No Force No Fear No Pain.

Fun games and calming exercises help teach impulse control to a growing puppy. No Force No Fear No Pain.

Group Dog Obedience Classes provide lessons in basic cues, manners and loose leash walking.

Group Dog Obedience Classes provide lessons in basic cues, manners and loose leash walking.



Aggression and Fear Behavior Modification Services


Behavior modification

We provide help with aggression cases. Any situation, breed of dog and level of aggressive behavior. We use management, education and understanding, as well as proven scientific methods to teach you how to work with your dog. There is no reason to use harsh, painful methods to correct inappropriate behaviors in dogs. Regardless of breed or if you have worked with other trainers who's methods may have "failed". Our philosophy is to find what works and help you maintain a safe learning environment for you and your dog. Several methods using painful tools such as Electric Collars, Prong Collars and "Pack/Alpha" Theory's can be detrimental to the relationship with your dog as well as the mental and physical state of your pet.

Friends for life has a gentle and effective approach to training dogs and teaching owners
— Klaw B.

Behavior MODIFICATION for fear and aggression Lessons

Our Methods for working with "Aggressive/Fearful" dogs are Counter Conditioning/Desensitization using the B.A.T. model (Behavior Adjustment Training) formulated by Grisha Stewart. As well as Scientifically proven Positive Reinforcement methods using clicker marking and reward. Several studies have proven methods using reward based training to have the most reliable effect with behavior adjustment by creating a working relationship with a foundation of trust between dog and handler. Fostering a positive association with situations and building confidence in a reactive, fearful or aggressive dog results in a pet that will be calmer, and more reliable in public settings. 

$250/ 1 1/2 hr Initial Evaluation/Consultation with additional hours billed at $150/ 1hr. 



Satisfied Customers


Such attentive and caring professionals who have extremely effective training for both the two legged and four legged people they assist in creating homes with harmony for all their customers. Would & will absolutely recommend them to any and everyone!
— Dana B.
Want to create a real friendship with your dog? “Friends for Life,” Natalie and Jenn, will give you the knowledge and skills to teach you and your dog basic skills. You will learn how dogs think and feel and their learning patterns and tolerances. You will learn ways to successfully motivate your dog. We enjoyed each class and became much more competent dog owners and protectors for our sweet dog.
— J Brashear
Friends for Life kept our little family together when we introduced our spoiled Boston Terriers to our new baby. They ended up best friends!
— Randall A.
We love Natalie and Jennifer. Our little Brittany wouldn’t be the same loving friend she is without their nurturing and focus. Training people to treat dog-family members as well as our canine family members how to treat us people family members.
— Roisin L.
Thanks to Natalie’s guidance, my rescue terrier mix and I communicate pretty darn well. I no longer use electric collar or forceful training I learned years ago. Now she is helping me with my tiny beagle puppy. she has given me the gift of being patient and constantly improving my consistency in sending messages to my puppy.
— Pam Warren with Abby Sue and Arfer Evergreen, CO




Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We are here to help you achieve your goals with your family pet. Providing positive dog training in Colorado, to those who would like a more holistic approach to training. We also offer hands on support, email communication and a Facebook Page full of Force Free methods to help you train your best friend. The use of Positive dog training for behavior modification for all situations, breeds, ages and sizes of dogs is extremely effective and we would love to show you how. We offer positive dog training in Evergreen, Conifer, Pine, Bailey, Ken Caryl, Littleton, and Morrison. We will be in touch as soon as we hear from you. 


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